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Tom, Ornamental Iron & Photography

Your machine has worked flawlessly. We've cut over 10,000 parts and our orders have tripled!

(Photos) James, Metal Art and Signs

Have done very well in all kinds of metal art work and signs. Have even Fabricated signs and parts for some of the Big name Restaurants.Have set up booths all over at times at various events,and have had new things to create at each event. Yes I have had problems with my machine at times ,but have always been able so far to correct the problem,which at times was caused by me alone.Been very happy with the machine and what its capabilities are.

(Audio) Dustin, Off Road Fabricator

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excerpt from audio: "...I don't know how I was doing it before because this thing just saves you so much time and it interfaces well with my AutoCAD that I am familiar with..."

Mark, Automation Engineering

You have put a lot of good engineering into this machine. I've been machining for over 20 years and can tell you that you've done a great job!

(Audio) Donnie, Metal Fabricator

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excerpt from audio: "...this thing is the cat's meow... everything happened just as you described it. Your company has definitely done its homework, I am thoroughly impressed..."

Edwin, Metal Art Design

We cut out three trains from your 19th Century art disk and they came out really nice. We sold them right away.

Shane, Sheet Metal Products

We were given a job by someone who has a $100k machine, his machine wasn't accurate enough to do it but ours (p-cam) did.

(Audio) Jeff, Welding and Fabrication

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excerpt from audio: "...I love it. Everybody that comes in, I show it to them. And everybody's interested in it..."

Aaron, Custom Woodworking

Your machine is great and has so many capabilities. I have nothing bad to say about it. The thing is so easy to use that only an idiot would have problems with. We are buying two more machines for our business.

Dan, Decorative Iron

Tell you what this is a pretty slick machine you've got here.