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Tom, Custom Stainless Steel

It cuts our time literally by 90%. (Parts) used to take 30 minutes now takes a minute and a half.

Bill, Welding Shop

I'm astonishing all kinds of people with this thing.

Thomas, Skill & Rehab Center

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excerpt from audio: "...The PlasmaCAM has interested the kids enough to where they're eager to try to design something and then cut it, and then sell it and get the money..."

Dan, Welding Shop

I'm real happy with the machine and have no complaints. It's made me a lot of money and I'm getting a second one. I'm doing real good for a guy who never touched a computer. We really like the art disk and want to buy whatever else you come out with. We have a line of stuff that we cut and sell.

The newspaper came out to take pictures of the machine. I have a fourteen year old kid running it. We're very good at scanning images and cutting them out. We built a cross for a cathedral in St Paul. We cut a special aluminum alloy out of 3/8 and 1/4. It took 253 pieces, 3000 seams and 10,000 inches of welding. A documentary was aired on PBS that shows my son drawing and explaining the PlasmaCAM software and cutting the pieces.

(Audio) Wendell, Jr. High Ag. Teacher

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excerpt from audio: "...We have a lot of fun with it, I use it as a motivational tool. We make signs for people in the community as well as parts for machinery and things that we’re building..."

Steve, Metal Art Studio

I love it. I have a lot of impressed customers. You might find it easy to do your drawing for your art work ideas with the software that runs the machine. Easiest drawing program I have ever used.

Alex, Technical Academy Instructor

It's amazing, the more you run it, the more stuff (you realize) you can do with it.

Drake, Metal Fabrication

I can't understand why other machines are designed with so much weight in the gantry and carriage. I've always hated that because it effects accuracy. I'm glad to see you've designed it on the light side and don't try to lug around too much weight.

Terry, Refrigeration

4x8 sheets are what I run because it's easy to index. It cuts and stops, and then I just slide the sheet down and hit start again - it picks right up where it left off at. So it's real easy. I'm real happy with it - I don't regret for a minute getting it.

(Audio) Hans, Welding Shop Owner

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excerpt from audio: "...Your machine is just an extension of our company. You have put a lot of thought and effort into this thing..."