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Rocking chair for my daughter

Rocking chai for my daughter
Rocking chai for my daughter
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(Photos) GYM equipment, Norway

Have used PlasmaCAM for 3 years now and it works perfectly! We cut 1-20mm steel plates with very good results. Also aluminum and stainless. Showing here image of our most popular product, an extremely solid bench press bench with personal touch with the customer's own logo cut out of the steel with PlasmaCAM!
We have also built the machine to cut holes in the square tube for producing riggs for functional training. Its working fine!

(Photos) Two friends and a 510 Machine

We found something that two friends with sometime on there hands can enjoy and still drink coffee. We have become a believer in PlasmaCAM and we are looking forward to many good years of fun.

Best regards
Dan @ Andy
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Finally Upgraded from 98Z

I'm a bit stubborn. And loyal.

I bought my first PlasmaCAM in either 98 or 99, machine #010, and ended up buying 4 98Z models. Had them all in operation in the early 2000's when I was running at full speed. Like many businesses, things got slow and as control boxes failed I sometimes chose to retire a machine rather than have the box rebuilt. After issues with our 98z machine, I broke down and bought a 5x10 machine.

Monday morning we unloaded, set up, had a couple kinks to iron out, and then we were off! By Tuesday night we had cut 10 sheets from old designs and were playing around with the new DesignEdge software. WOWSERS! I've fallen in love with the new software and haven't even scratched its surface yet.

I have 4 kids who each want their own machine...

Ruth & Tony, Canada

We purchased the PlasmaCam a few months ago and have never done anything like this before. It was easy to assemble. We have never used any sort of CAD programme before and it was totally new to us. It has been easy to learn the CAD programme that’s used to run the PlasmaCam. As beginners we have had questions. We call and email the tech support and they always answer or get back to us very promptly. They are always ready and willing to help and explain things. The guys there are really great. Can’t say enough good about them. It’s the best tech support we have ever dealt with.
Ruth & Tony Fitzgerald,
Sussex, NB. Canada

(Photos) Calculated Custom Metal Works

Our company, Calculated Custom Metal Works just finished this collaboration with Grand River Timber Frames on this massive horse boarding facility.

We used our PlasmaCam DHC2 to burn every piece of plate for this job. I wanted to share this because it proves that these machines can be used for much more than metal art.

We burned over 64,000 lbs on this machine since Jan of this year with out replacing more than plasma cutting consumables, all of which were .375 and .75 plate. As we grow we will have more PlasmaCam products.

(Photos) Danny, Farming & Agriculture

I use my machine for my farm every day . Saves me a lot of time and money . I don't know how I did it all before .

Thanks plasma cam

(Video) Jay, Justbent Technologies

My experience is with high power LASER's. At the company that I worked, I used to have a machine with a 4'x8' table, use it mostly for cutting sheet metal. It cost us $450,000 brand new. Now I have my own business. No way I could afford that kind of capital investment.

So when I saw this machine, I knew that I could do with it, and it was less that 20K so I got one. I was right, the machine was paid for the first year. I've had it probably 5-6 years now and have had no real issues. Now this machine is an essential part of my process, could not live without it.

(Photos) James, Unlimited Grace Designs

James, Unlimited Grace Designs
James, Unlimited Grace Designs
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This machine has just caused an explosion in my creative capabilities.

My friends, clients, relatives are amazed at what I can do in a short period of time.
Without my Samson I would be stressed to create things. The 5x10 takes 20
minutes from design to finished product.

The greatest complement is its like having 5 other employees. Once you design a
project it is just a click away from multiple arrays or recalls.

I build only unique pieces. I design and build what I want. I usually look for
inspiration with shock and wow.

(Video) Eddie, Pixar Cars and Plasma Cutting

How a Hollywood custom car builder used a CNC plasma cutter to build a life size car from the Cars movie.